Monday, June 30, 2008

Great Saturday Outing!!

What a great Saturday we had! First we went to the baptisms of Hanna Davis and Joshua Sherwood. It was wonderful, although Heather and I spent a lot of the time in the hall with the little ones (typical). Braden has always been fascinated with horses. Whenever we drive through Nellie Gail or Utah or wherever he always squeals with delight, kicks his legs, etc. when he sees the horses. Last week after we went to a house I sold in San Clemente we drove through San Juan on the way to Ladera Ranch for some Infusion take out. On the corner of Antonio and Ortega we saw a sign by the stables saying that on the weekend of the 28th they would have a horse jumping competition and a horse dressage event. We thought that would be great for the kids to see and experience. Well, it exceeded our expectations. We got there and the parking was free. Bonus. And the event did not require tickets, Bonus. And they had blow up bounce houses, slides, etc, that did not require tickets or money, Bonus!! Plus, we got to walk right down next to the horses. There were no fences between us and the horses unless they were competing or practicing. It was awesome for even Heather and I. The kids were enthralled with everything. It was just a great experience for all of us, including Boston!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Cousin Play!!

We are so lucky to have the kids cousin, Boston, here to play with us for a few days. Boston's daddy is working in San Antonio for the summer and his Mommy is in San Diego for a few days with her High School friends. The kids are loving Boston and they are having so much fun together. There are so many toys for Boston to play with here, I think he is in heaven. One note: I'm glad to see the boys playing with cars and not all the Barbie's we have in the house!!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Just a day at the Mall!!

Just a day at the mall with Braden!! This crazy boy is so sweet and gentle, but then again so wild and crazy as well. Let's see if I can give you an accurate picture of how our day went at the Spectrum....First, he loves to walk now and does not want to ride in the stroller. He knows exactly what he likes to do. He LOVES to push the handicapped buttons at the doors to open the doors automatically. He also loves elevators. He loves to push the buttons to open the doors, to choose the floor, and he LOVES to make the bell ring. Heather hates that, but I secretly like when he does it. I think it's funny and he is not doing it to be naughty, he is doing it because he like the sound. So we got through the door buttons and the elevator buttons and got on the floor at Nordstroms. He is so much like I was at that age, touching everything. I guess I am still like that to some degree, I have even been told as an adult to not touch items in the store. So he gets it from me. Well I drew the line when he began to pull on the manikins. The manikins there are on pedestals and he thought it was fun to stand up there with them. After telling him not to do it he did it again. After I warned him again that he would be in the stroller if he did not obey, it was ON. He did it again and being consistent he went right in the stroller, strapped in. He screamed and screamed. Oh well, you have to learn buddy. Braden will scream for a minute or two and then he will stop. So in that sense he makes it less painful for us to discipline him. He is a good boy to discipline. He understands when you are upset and says he will be a good boy. I love this little monkey of ours!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Welcome to Wallin World!!!

We are starting a blog. Finally. With the help of Heather's Sister Lauren we saw how easy it is to do. Now we can stop hearing from our friends, the Ek's, Spongberg's, and Large's, that we just need to do it. As you can see above that is the Wallin Clan, minus me (Zach) of course. Someone had to take the picture!! We took the kids to Disneyland about a week ago. We have season passes, but we are blacked out from going until September. So we took the kids out of school and let them go one last time before summer began. This was right when we entered the park, before the tears, before the fights, and before the tired faces came. Hopefully this wont be the one and only post on our blog and we can keep it up fairly regularly. I feel like we've joined the club!! Yah!!